What if you could just
point, shoot and buy instantly
with your phone?

Product Recognition Platform (PRP) is the smartest alternative to enhance the shopping search experience, through image recognition with an intelligent platform that retrieves product data in a fast and playful way for your consumer.

The process involves four simple steps, from picture to purchase:

  • 1. consumer opens the merchant’s app and takes a picture of the desired product
  • 2. Based on the picture, the app finds the product and shows similar ones
  • 3. Consumer views the results and selects the desired products
  • 4. Consumer logs in and confirms the sale.

Imagine a panel of living products
Now you can see

Fast Recognition Platform (FRP) makes the link between online and offline shopping, creating virtual stores in everyday places, increasing the daily experience with your brand in a useful way.

Let your consumer decides where he likes to buy, and make your products available on strategic places of daily life, like public sidewalks or subway stations.

Through product catalog, FRP makes the fastest link between ads and purchase, with a pleasant interaction using augmented reality to highlight main products. It supports dozen of product pages with different types of animations and direct link to buy.

You can have what you want
where you want

In Location works with your ERP to give the straight direction for your consumer according to the availability of an desired product.

Combining maps interface with business intelligence, In Location fulfill the need for a casual purchase or an urgent gift on physical stores, discarding any frustration of supply.


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